Password Protection

Set Password

Your dbdocs project is set to be public by default. However, you can follow the following command to protect it with a password.

$ dbdocs password --set <password> --project <project name>
✔ Password is set for <project name>


$ dbdocs password --project <project name>
? Enter password: [hidden]
? Re-enter password: [hidden]
✔ Password is set for <project name>

Or you can build your project with password by using build command with --password

$ dbdocs build <path to your dbml file>/database.dbml --password <password>
Pushing new database schema to project your_project...
✔ Password is set for 'Ecommerce'
Done. Visit:

Now your project is protected, only the one who have your password can access your project.

Remove Password

Remove password from your project to make it public

$ dbdocs password --remove --project <project name>
⚠ Password is removed from 'Ecommerce'
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