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A Quick Tour Around dbdocs.io

Welcome to dbdocs.io! If you're reading this document, you probably have been able to set up dbdocs.io and are looking to get familiar with the platform. This doc will help you with that!
For demo purpose, we'll use our example in the Quickstart guide.


Go to https://dbdocs.io/khanh-tran-quoc/Ecommerce. The first screen shows you an overview of your schema.

Table Structure

Let's start exploring by clicking merchants table

Table structure of merchants is shown in the Fields section.

In the References column, you can see that merchants has relationships with products, contries and users. Clicking product.merchant_id will lead you to the target table.

dbdocs lets you jump between related tables. Not only that, but it also visualizes the relationships between those tables. You can find a visual representation of those related tables under the Table references section.

Quick tip: Do you know that you can prototype table schema diagrams by using our FREE tool dbdiagram.io?

Search Capability

You can search for tables, fields, table notes, field notes, etc., via the search box on top of the database structure sidebar.


dbdocs also visualizes the entire schema. See it under the Relationships tab:

Quick tip: You can rearrange the diagrams using drag & drop.


Want to show this to others? Share the link to your schema by clicking Share

Project list

You can view all your database projects via your organization page by select "My Projects" in the account dropdown menu

Protected Project

If you've already generated a password for your document, remember to share it, too. By default, anyone can access the document if they have the link. But if you've set a password for it, they will need to enter password before being able to view.

This is an early access version, stay tuned for more features in the future!

If you have any questions or requests, send us an email at [email protected], we will get back to you shortly!

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