Roadmap & Release Notes


🚀 Upcoming

  • Support email & password authentication
  • Able to search by field name, metadata
  • CI Integration

📦 Backlog

  • Project changelogs
  • Keeping table's position in diagram
  • Display table groups & header color in diagram
  • Collaboration

Release Notes

📚 dbdocs's Documentations

For better features awareness & roadmap tracking, it's time to release our documentations!

Mar 28, 2021

🔄 CI Integration

Previously you couldn’t set up CI/CD with Gitlab, GitHub Actions, or CI server to automatically generate the docs, because our login process required a web browser and UI.

The dbdocs CLI version 0.4.0 now supports you to build documentation with your unique access token!

Read more about CI Integration in our docs.

Mar 7, 2021