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Overview of your database structure

Quickly understand the context, details and update summary of the whole database.

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Visualize relationship with ER diagram

Easily get an overview of your database structure and table groups at a glance.

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Enrich your schema with metadata

Understand fields easily with notes, index settings, enum, relationships and more!

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Designed with versatility in mind

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Internal team

  • Easily onboard new developers or business teams (Sales, BA) by looking at a simple, visualized version of their database.
  • The whole team can keep the documents updated as the project goes.
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With clients

  • Explain complex schema with notes, references and relationships of each field.
  • Easily hand over the project database structure in DBML for future maintenance.

No time to create or update the doc?
We gotcha.

Use DBML to quickly generate the document from code

DBML (Database Markup Language) Is an open-source DSL language, created to define and document database schemas and structure. It is designed to be simple, consistent and highly readable.

How awesome is DBML?

Project social_blogging_site {
database_type: 'PostgreSQL'
Note: 'Social Blogging Site Database'

Table users {
id integer
username varchar
role varchar
created_at timestamp

Table posts {
id integer [primary key]
title varchar
body text [note: 'Content of the post']
user_id integer
status post_status
created_at timestamp

Enum post_status {
private [note: 'visible via URL only']

Ref: posts.user_id > // many-to-one

Publish a shareable web document of database using only simple command lines

## Download dbdocs command line
$ npm install -g dbdocs
dbdocs install...

## Generate dbdocs view
$ dbdocs build database.dbml --project=your_project
Pushing new database schema to project your_project...
Done. Visit:

Manage your database documentation easily with Git

Create the DBML field in your Github repo and update it every time a commit is made

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Frequently Asked Questions

What markup language is the dbdocs following?

We use DBML - Database Markup Language, a markup language designed to easily document database structures.

DBML is also completely open-source on Github.

Is my dbdocs project public? How can I make it private?

Your dbdocs project is set to be public by default. However, you can follow our instructions here to protect it with a password or remove the project after testing.

How can I integrate this with my development workflow?

Step 1 - create a database.dbml in your root folder of your Git repo. Type up your database definition there.

Step 2 - Design a simple hook to push database.dbml to your dbdocs project (run $ dbdocs build database.dbml) everytime a commit is made.

Step 3 - Make sure when you make database migration, update database.dbml with the relevant change.

How can I delete a project?

Simply run $ dbdocs remove <project_name>
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